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We assist local business and healthcare to lower scope 3 emissions

Recycle Wise started with the acknowledgement that some items cannot be easily substituted in a clinical, infection controlled, aseptic single use framework.


That recycling clean consumables needs to be more accessible.

We provide a means for healthcare and business to access multiple recycling streams through one account.

Save time, frustration, the environment and money.
With one easy account providing knowledge, access, collection, aggregation and delivery, to the multiple plastic streams needed for recycling hospital consumables and packaging.

Servicing the greater Melbourne area.

How will this help?

“Almost 85 per cent of health-care waste is non-hazardous and is comparable to domestic waste. Plastics in this waste stream have demonstrable sustainable end-of-life pathways.” - Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

“76 per cent of Australian businesses believe good waste management improves their public perception, an incentive to be environmentally friendly.”

"They have to recruit less often and staff are happier in their work," 

-Brad Gray, Planet Ark

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